About Us

Established 2006 by founder and Managing Director David Fee, M&E Cad Design provides 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling), draughting, coordination and building services.

David has over 15 years’ experience in full co-ordination BIM contracts, and has also overseen all his staff develop full co-ordination skills for the past 8 years whilst they have been operating in NZ.  David is committed to supporting ongoing professional development within his team to ensure M&E retain their position and reputation as NZ’s leaders in their field.

We cater to projects of all sizes and complexity.  Although the majority of our contracts are within NZ,  we are also happy to consult on projects in Australia and the UK.

As part of our approach to ensuring the success of all our collaborations, we allocate a dedicated project leader and specific team members who remain on on the job from start to finish.  This ensures continuity of project knowledge and enhanced team performance, both of which our clients benefit from directly.

At M&E we enjoy having direct experience with our clients and working within dynamic team environments.  Our philosophy is to remain focused on building long term, strong, mutually beneficial relationships with every one of our clients.

We are committed to growth, and choose projects that are keenly aligned with our own business plan.